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    Why have your favorite girls been inactive on your favorite blog? We’ve been on VACATION! Tyler & I went to Crystal Beach for a week to get out of our normal routine and view from Rockwall. Tyler has never been to […]

  • Scholarships and grants are equivalent to FREE MONEY. Trust me when I say you NEED to fill out scholarships ASAP! Some require essays, some require a simple signature, and some require creative entries! It’s like […]

  • Hey guys, this is just a short, sweet, & simple post so let’s get down to it! In case you’re wondering about our “sources” for our new News section on Flowers For Girls, we use Skimm™ to keep ourselves updated w […]



    Let’s get a checklist going so you know you’ve got all your ducks in a row.


    FAFSA filed
    Enrollment paid for
    Room & Board paid for (if you’re attending college away f […]



    (We haven’t tried things out with someone who has chronic acne, if you have chronic acne, ask your dermetologist what would […]

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    Good morning angels! It’s been a while…

    First of all, I’m so sorry! I guess the team & I weren’t prepared to juggle school and work and the website! I’m currently attempting to update the site and edit our […]



    Just a quick reminder: We constantly update our posts so if there’s something you think we haven’t covered, double check because we’re always changing 🙂


    MOVING O […]

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    thank you so much! shout out from Dallas!!

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  • RULE NUMBER ONE: Never. Ever. Cry over a girl. We just aren’t worth it. I understand that breakups are extremely painful, but I believe in karma and they will get what they deserve. It’s a total waste of time to […]

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    Hey guys!! THE TEAM IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND WE ARE TRYING TO GET CAUGHT UP! October is a super busy month for our FFG team because most of us go to the same school, which means we’re all occupied with […]

  • Okay. It’s September 11th and we’ve obviously been slacking with posts, BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, we have a TON of ideas coming in along with all of our new team members! I don’t recommend checking out the Flower […]

  • Hey guys, long time no see?! Let me go ahead and give you a heads up, this is not a normal advice post, it’s more of an insight to what’s been going on with me as an individual (stay tuned for a post from Tyler). […]

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    Flowers For Girls is featuring a “Flower Boys” section! We don’t know everything about boys, so we asked some close friends if they’d be interested in contributing to the magazine. If you have any questions about […]

  • NOT SO OBVIOUS: Okay so do you remember how school warned you about peer-pressure and how easy it is to “just say no”? Well, my advice to you is forget all of that because peer-pressure is sneaky and you won’t […]

  • RULE NUMBER ONE: Never. Ever. Cry over a boy. Boys aren’t as mature as girls are while you’re in high school. It’s mostly a waste of time to cry over a boy; the months, the weeks, that you spend in that […]

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    “Flowers For Girls” is an online magazine by two high school seniors, Tyler and Karma. We plan to post about the struggles of being a girl in high school such as global news, fashion, grades/college prep, […]

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