News via The Skimm

Hey guys, this is just a short, sweet, & simple post so let’s get down to it! In case you’re wondering about our “sources” for our new News section on Flowers For Girls, we use Skimm™ to keep ourselves updated with the outside world. I’m so thankful my 11th grade English teacher introduced me to it because it really keeps you in the know! To sign up for it, all you need is an email; you’ll receive an email each morning on what’s happening around you. If that doesn’t sell you, then get this: if you’re not all that political, it’s 100% okay because they make it super easy to understand! BTW, we don’t do “ads”, this is an honest recommendation! Not once have I received an email and regretted signing up for it! Take it from someone whose totally oblivious to politics and everything happening in the world, it’s WORTH it! If you don’t want an extra email in your inbox, then you can check our site, it’ll be updated based on what I’ve read on Skimm…

XO, Karma

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