Scholarships or Sweepstakes?

Scholarships and grants are equivalent to FREE MONEY. Trust me when I say you NEED to fill out scholarships ASAP! Some require essays, some require a simple signature, and some require creative entries! It’s like entering a Sweepstakes (hence the title), you’re chosen at random (most of the time). Here are a couple of annual scholarships to get you started:


College Jump-Start Scholarship $1,000


Next Steps Digital Scholarship $5,000


HOPE Texas Scholarship $1,300


1,000 Dreams Scholarship $1,000


1st Tribal Lending Scholarship $3,000


ABA Diversity Scholarship $2,500


ABC Humane Wildlife Control and Prevention, Inc. Academic Scholarship $1,000


ACF Youth in Foster Care Scholarship $2,000


ACS Scholars Program $5,000


Actuarial Diversity Scholarship $4,000


These scholarships were found here. At this site, you can find other scholarships to apply for that will help you cover your tuition. Other websites I found useful were CappexFin Aid, and College Board. Good luck on your search!


If you feel overwhelmed, just take one step at a time. It may seem a bit scary but once I started, I was on a roll. It’s going to be time-consuming but it’s money that will burn your college tuition, if you don’t apply for scholarships, you’re bound for debt. I mean, we all are, but some less than others (“some” being the ones who applied for scholarships)!


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