Good morning angels! It’s been a while…

First of all, I’m so sorry! I guess the team & I weren’t prepared to juggle school and work and the website! I’m currently attempting to update the site and edit our posts. We’ll be hosting new recruitments for Flower Boys, editors, social media directors, and other roles on the team so if you’re interested,┬ácontact us or our current Flower Boys! I’m working on giving the site the ultimate makeover to provide easier access to our posts and contact information!

Moving on to a more personal note, my senior year has been progressively improving! If y’all read my 2nd update, you know i was so extra at the beginning of the school year with the state of mind: “Senior year is MY year, I’m going to be on top and it’s going to be amazing”. For some reason I connected that feeling to makeup and clothes and becoming someone I’m not. In November I started getting super negative vibes from my “friends” and I decided that it’s something I don’t need, especially since my life is just getting started! I stopped hanging out with them (and talking to them), and realized that I was someone that I didn’t want to be. I basically transformed myself. I keep myself hydrated, my skin moisturized, and my priorities straight. I don’t wear makeup as often, but I love the way it feels! I dress comfortably, even if it’s not fashionably. I’ve never been happier with the way I look, and I’ve never had the self confidence that I do now (and Iziah has really helped me with that ­čśŐ). My grades have been constantly improving, and I’ve received responses from all the colleges I’ve applied to (I was accepted to all of them)! I’ve made my decision and I’m attending NAU in the fall. I have big plans and I’m so excited for the future.

ASIDE FROM SCHOOL, I’m seeing Iziah in 2-3 weeks for prom! He’ll be here May 12-15 so if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll be seeing lots of pictures! That pretty much wraps things up for this update. I’ll be editing it later to give y’all study sites and information on AP classes since testing is coming up soon!

XO, Karma